The Ultimate Guide to Enjoying Fall as a Military Spouse

Bonfires, hoodies, and cuddling in the cool air means that fall is here!

If your cuddle buddy happens to be deployed or TDY, there are still SO many ways to enjoy the fall season. Here are some great ideas for soaking up the season by yourself, with a friend, or with the kiddos.

Get outdoors. Personally, I love fall because it is finally cool outside and the changing leaves are gorgeous. I LOVE that the humidity subsides and the mosquitoes give us a break. We now have a fire pit in the backyard that provides such a great place to enjoy that fall smell of firewood.

Find that place outside where you can really enjoy the cooler weather. If you’re in an area where the leaves turn brilliant colors, stop and enjoy them every once in awhile. I will literally pull the car over to take a picture of a beautiful landscape in the fall. My 8 year old thinks I’m crazy, but maybe he will learn to appreciate the beauty as well.

Be Crafty. There are a gazillion ideas on Pinterest that are DIY projects specifically for the fall season. Have you seen those adorable pumpkins that are painted instead of carved? There are decals you can apply yourself, and a ton to choose from on sites like Etsy. You can decorate your front door to be super “It’s Fall, Ya’ll” welcoming or super scary for trick-or-treaters. Try using burlap, painted milk crates, or discarded wooden pallets for an adorable rustic feel.

Re-invent Halloween treats. I can’t personally have baked goods in the house, because I will eat every single piece myself. However, if you have better self control and enjoy experimenting in the kitchen, try re-inventing classic Halloween treats for your loved ones. Think Oreo Cake. Hmmmm….

Experiment with layers. Another reason I LOVE the fall is sweaters, scarves, and boots! If you are anything like me, you have pinned hundreds of cute fall outfits on Pinterest or Polyvore. Fall is the best time to dust off your older clothing basics and dress them up with cardigans, scarves, or long duster sweaters. Then, check out your jewelry collection and see how you can layer your necklaces or bracelets. Military spouse owned Charlie Madison Originals has bracelets that stack beautifully and complement almost any fall outfit.

Charlie Madison Originals

Sip on fall beverages. You are in luck if you love pumpkin spice. Fall prompts the beer companies to roll out their Pumpkin Ales. Coffee companies start selling their Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Then of course, there is apple cider. Anything with apple and cinnamon can bring warmth on a cool fall evening. Grab a warm apple beverage before heading to the local pumpkin patch for a hayride and corn maze adventure.

Host a fall get-together. If you and your neighbors or friends like to cook, host a chili cook off. Put together an adult only or a family friendly Halloween bash, complete with a costume contest. Have a pumpkin carving party or competition. For seriously awesome fun, top any of these get-togethers off with ghost stories around a bonfire and s’mores. Loving fall as much as I do yet?

Watch a scary movie. I mentioned that any of these ideas could be done alone, with friends, or with your kids. This one can too, unless you are a weenie about scary movies like I am. Remember “The Grudge”? I had nightmares from the previews that were aired on TV, so yeah, not watching a scary movie by myself. You are probably not as ridiculous as I am, so cuddle up with a blanket and popcorn and scare yourself silly with Halloween favorites like "Friday the 13th." Have the kiddos join you for “Hocus Pocus,” or challenge your friends to sit through a nightly screening of the “Saw” movie series.

Travel. Find the fall festivals or Oktoberfests near you. Attend a local college or professional football game complete with tailgating. Even better, find the best place to see fall foliage in the region, and take a weekend trip to experience it.

Embrace the fall and soak up the season as much as you can. Like most beautiful things, it will be over before you know it.

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