Starting Over... Again

Some of the most courageous people I know are on their second, third or even fifth career. Why do I consider them courageous? Because they left the comfort of what they knew to pursue something that could be even better. It takes a leap of faith, determination, and some serious resilience to start all over. Of course, it takes a ton of dedication and hard work to stick with one path and climb one ladder throughout your adult life. However, what about those who jump off that ladder hoping to land anywhere on the next one? That, my friend, takes some serious guts.

I’ve never started completely over. The biggest transition I’ve ever made in my career was from doing logistics in the Air Force to doing logistics in the civilian world and even that was after just two years in the military.

My husband, on the other hand, has made a humongous leap. He started out in sales. After every imaginable job in that career field, he’d had enough and became a nurse. Huh!?

Even in my darkest days in logistics at the worst possible company, I could not even consider starting from the bottom again in a new field. Although him going back to school was tough for our whole family, in the end, his transition was the best thing for us.

Then, there is my Mom. Let me just list (in chronological order) what she has been in her life…

  • Firefighter in the California Redwoods

  • Airman in the Air Force

  • Stay at Home Mom

  • Mother/ Baby Nurse

  • High School Teacher

  • Hospice Worker

  • Medical Programs Analyst

Of course, my Dad has not been delighted about every new venture, and she will even admit that some steps were not in the right direction. But what a life, amirright?

As a military spouse it is inevitable to face career and even life altering transitions, most of which are outside of your control. Instead of seeing each change as an obstacle, approach them as opportunities. Explore careers outside your experience, take a break from work if you can, or use your experience to create something completely new. If “necessity is the mother of invention” and you’re forced to reinvent yourself, the new you may be even better than the first.

Lindsay Hinger is the founder of MilSO Box LLC. She is an Air Force veteran, wife, and mom. Her passion is to show support and bring joy to the female significant others of our US Military one box at a time.

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