Small Town USA - July 2020 "Unboxed"

The Small Town USA box is full of patriotic goodies with a small town feel - giving you that nostalgic feeling of home or Grandma's house.

The "All American" Candle by Heritage Candle. This apple pie scented candle will transport you to Grandma's house.

Travel back in time with Anna, a 19th century woman with big dreams of conquering Mt. Rainier written by military spouse, Jamie McGillen

Bake the perfect apple pie with Bob's Best Quality Easy as Pie mix.

Entertain in style with this "All America Girl" Apron designed by MilSO Box.

Show your patriotic spirit with these cute flag earring by Designs by Katie Leigh.

Get the perfect pucker with these Apple Pie and Rocket Pop lip balms by Delight Naturals.

Enjoy some Scars and Stripes Coffee with your apple pie provided by Carrie's Brew.

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