How Can You Possibly Slow Down?

As MilSO’s we wear many hats. Those hats can keep us pretty busy on an everyday basis. The chaos of this life can be a bit overwhelming. It can be difficult to stop and just enjoy the moments that are occurring all around us. Instead our focus is on next big thing whether it’s new PCS orders, finding a new job, or getting through a deployment.

This is the time of the year that everything around us is slowing down. Animals go into hibernation mode, plants slow down their growth or stop growing all together, but we don’t slow down. Instead we ramp up with holiday chaos and what our New Year's resolution should be. We are so busy that we miss the little moments that make life so valuable and amazing.

How on earth can you slow down?

Say No More

We say yes to way too many things on a daily basis. We worry what someone will think or what we will miss out on if we say no. It’s so bad that instead of tuning into ourselves we overbook ourselves. Ask yourself “Do I have time for this?” “Will this make me happy?” “Will I gain anything of value by saying yes?” If you answered no to any of those questions then just say no. The extra stress is totally not worth it.


Check in With Yourself

What do you need right now? I once shared this quote “Can’t decide if I need a hug, a XL coffee,

6 shots of vodka or 2 weeks of sleep.” By tuning into what we really need and doing that we will have more energy to be present with those around us. When we are exhausted, emotionally drained, or just generally feeling like crap it’s impossible to just enjoy the moment. Instead we are focused on when bedtime is and how horrible we really feel.

Let it Go

We can only control ourselves, our thoughts, our actions, and our reactions. Other people are something we cannot control. In order to enjoy the moment we have to release ourselves of the worry and stress weighing us down. Identify what steps you personally need to take to release that worry or stress. If there is something you can personally do then take action on it. If it’s beyond your control shift your mindset around whatever it is. Either way do what you need to do to let it all go at least so you can be present in this moment. It will all still be there tomorrow.

Don’t let precious moments pass you by. 20 years from now you won’t remember not getting someone the perfect holiday gift. What you will remember is the joy and laughter of those around you. Give yourself permission to soak it all in. Say no to those things you won’t remember anyways. Take care of yourself so you feel just as good as everyone else around you. Most of all let go of all the worry and stress because you don’t want to miss out on the present by focusing on the future.


Megan Hall is a Navy spouse and mother of four. She's a motivational speaker, women’s empowerment coach, host of The Inspired Women Podcast, & founder of The Inspired Women Community. Megan helps her clients find clarity amongst their chaos. She shares with her clients simple steps they can follow to help them grow both personally & professionally. Megan’s an extroverted introvert who loves connecting over a glass of wine but needs some quiet time with a good book. You can find Megan on Facebook & Instagram: @meganhallinspired.

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