Dear Military Man, This is What Your Girl Wants for Christmas

Compiled below is a simple list of what the female significant others of our military have asked to receive from their military men this Christmas. We know that coming up with gift ideas is sometimes difficult. Hopefully, this will help.

Dear Military Husband, Fiance, or Boyfriend,​

This is what your girl would like for Christmas:

A plane ticket home. Sometimes she needs to see her family and friends, and you can be her hero by making it happen.

You. She wants to see you, speak to you, or have pictures of you. This can be a plane ticket for either of you to be together, a phone call or two while deployed, a calendar of photos or a simple framed photo of you together.

Jewelry. Most women love jewelry. The most desired jewelry from you is one that solidifies or celebrates your relationship with her (ie. an engagement ring, an upgraded wedding ring, your children’s birthstones mounted together, etc.)

Relaxation. This may be with or without you depending on your girl's preference. However, it is ALWAYS kid free! This could be a massage, nail salon visit, a nap, a weekend away with you or her besties, or a relaxing date where you have everything planned.

In the words of one contributor: "A kid free three day weekend and we can either stay home or go somewhere, but just be the two of us for a couple days."

Tools to help her career. Depending on what your girl is pursuing, any way you show your support can earn you major brownie points. Some ideas are a new laptop, new software, a sewing machine (if that’s what she’s into), or a new desk chair to keep her comfy while working from home.

Gifts that represent your military branch. Some ideas are branch specific clothes, signs for the home, mugs, ornaments, etc. This can be anything that helps her show her pride and support in your military service. Etsy is a great place to look, but purchase early for custom pieces!

Recurring gifts. By subscribing her to MilSO Box, she will receive a gift from you every month. It is a simple way to remind her that you love and appreciate her no matter where you are or what season it is!

Lindsay Hinger is the founder of MilSO Box LLC. She is an Air Force veteran, wife, and mom. Her passion is to show support and bring joy to the female significant others of our US Military one box at a time.

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