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The Ultimate Guide to Enjoying Fall as a Military Spouse

October 10, 2017

Bonfires, hoodies, and cuddling in the cool air means that fall is here!


If your cuddle buddy happens to be deployed or TDY, there are still SO many ways to enjoy the fall season. Here are some great ideas for soaking up the season by yourself, with a friend, or with the kiddos.


Get outdoors. Personally, I love fall because it is finally cool outside and the changing leaves are gorgeous. I LOVE that the humidity subsides and the mosquitoes give us a break. We now have a fire pit in the backyard that provides such a great place to enjoy that fall smell of firewood.

Find that place outside where you can really enjoy the cooler weather. If you’re in an area where the leaves turn brilliant colors, stop and enjoy them every once in awhile. I will literally pull the car over to take a picture of a beautiful landscape in the fall. My 8 year old thinks I’m crazy, but maybe he will learn to appreciate the beauty as well.



Be Crafty. There are a gazillion ideas on Pinterest that are DIY projects specifically for the fall season. Have you seen those adorable pumpkins that are painted instead of carved? There are decals you can apply yourself, and a ton to choose from on sites like Etsy. You can decorate your front door to be super “It’s Fall, Ya’ll” welcoming or super scary for trick-or-treaters. Try using burlap, painted milk crates, or discarded wooden pallets for an adorable rustic feel.