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Stereotypes & Challenges Foreign Military Spouses Face

November 6, 2017

Being a military spouse is not easy. I think we can all agree with that. Regardless of branch, rank, and duty station, marrying into the military brings a whole lot of challenges we cannot be ready for when saying “I do.” Think about it. We have to say goodbye to our friends and family because we have to move thousands of miles away from them. We have to hurry up and wait and, while waiting, get acquainted with acronyms like MWR, PCS, TDY, and AIT. We must reinvent our lives every three years on average. We have to call home a place we never even remotely thought was going to end up being “home”—North Dakota, anyone?!


Yet, we do. And while unpacking, removing PCS labels from everywhere—and I mean, everywhere—and getting over the new-spouse-on-the-base stage for the millionth time within five years, we also manage to put a bright smile on our face, raise children on our own, support our troops, volunteer, hold down the fort while our spouse is deployed, and carry out full-time jobs that, most of time, we invented ourselves. Phew, that’s a lot! However, there is a smaller group of us who, aside from facing the common and day-to-day challenges American-born military spouses have to deal with. We have to put up with a whole other set of challenges, which can be rather daunting.