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Walking a Cat at a Welcome Station: Military relocation with pets

October 30, 2017

As I sit down to write this, I realized I am being watched. I work from home like many military spouses and I realize I neglected to drag dog beds from the bedroom into the office. My canine coworkers are not pleased. And here comes my manager. My 11-year-old tortoiseshell cat Skipper jumps on my desk to inspect my work and add a few typos while she strolls across my keyboard in an attempt to get petted.


OK, let’s start this off right. I don’t have kids so I don’t profess to understand what it’s like to move across the country with carseats. What I do have is pets. Lots of pets. We currently host a full house with three cats and two dogs. Somehow I collect a new one in each state. Mixing our full house with the unpredictable military life has been challenging at times. Highlighted below are the most common issues our military family faces and how we’ve overcome.


I also should state that we have never lived in on-base housing. I know that comes with a varying myriad of rules and regulations including pet limits and breed specific bans. The latter of which should be abolished and never spoken of again!


Walking a cat at a Welcome Station

This really happens. Skipper is my oldest cat and was harness and leash-trained when she was a kitten. She’s completed more cross-country trips than I can count. When the dogs go for breaks at rest stops, she expects nothing less. This makes me the crazy lady walking a cat on a le