5 Last Minute Christmas Hacks

5 Christmas Hacks for MilSpouses

As a military spouse there are many times that I think, “All right Murphy, give me your best shot! I can take it!” And more often than not Murphy delivers. There was that time the husband was gone and I started getting sick right before Thanksgiving. I got myself a tiny whole chicken to cook and canned everything! The kids didn’t care and despite being sick I left Murphy speechless with my “Don’t take Thanksgiving away from me,” attitude! Sometimes you just need a last-minute hack to get through the holidays. Whether a last-minute change in scheduling means you are facing a holiday deployment or PCS, or something as simple as having to suddenly plan for a festive gathering, we’ve got some ideas for you.

To Stay Home or Not to Stay Home? Kim, from the She Is Fierce blog shares how she made Christmas special when her husband was deployed. “My kids were miserable my husband wasn't going to be home and didn't really say anything until the 23rd. I booked a hotel in Manhattan from my bed and we drove 7 hours at 4am Christmas Eve to have a change of scenery for Christmas morning. It was amazing!” I love this idea because it turns what otherwise might be a terrible memory into an incredible one.

PCSing got you down? Sarah, from Servant Mama, experienced a pre-Christmas PCS. PCSing is a stressful time, but doing it right before the holidays is enough to drive anyone crazy. The kids don’t have their normal toys, there might not be any real decorations around the house, what’s a mama to do? “All of our stuff has been in storage for the past 5 months. I'm totally planning on wrapping some of my kid’s boxes of toys for them to open for Christmas!! They are so excited about seeing their old toys again that it seems silly to buy new ones!”

Upgrade your Chandelier. The next couple of hacks have less to do with the heavy stuff of military life, and more about ways to get through that last- minute party or unexpected guest. Sometimes you just want to impress, and your spouse has come home and informed you that a bunch of the people he works with don’t have anywhere to go for the holidays. Time to kick it up a notch!

Christmas Tree Napkins. If you don’t have time to dig out some extra ribbon and ornaments, you might have time to jump on Pinterest and check out these simple napkin folds that can liven up any table. Plus, they might impress a guest or two! Channel your inner Martha Stewart and fold yourself a Christmas Tree or Snowflake.

Make the most of temporary housing. Sometimes we might find ourselves in some sort of temporary housing during Christmas. Bringing a Christmas Tree in might not be the most practical thing to do, or time might simply have run out. Head to the nearest store and grab yourself some post its or construction paper. It’s time to get crafty! A Post-It, construction paper or felt tree on the wall is a fun and festive way to bring Christmas to wherever you happen to be living.

Rheanna is a military and lifestyle blogger living in the Washington, DC area. She has been

married to her Airman for twelve years and has three children. When she's not chasing them around you can find her actively involved in her civilian and military communities, sharing the National Guard story, watching black and white movies and reading true crime. Rheanna is also a social media manager and content creator, assisting freelance clients with their social media branding. You can follow along on her journey on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and on her blog Cammo Style Love.

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