Coffee Bar

I recently posted a picture of my coffee bar in my home and received a lot "likes" and comments so I thought that I would show where I purchased the supplies to create the coffee bar.

For the piping mounted under the bottom shelf:

You’ll need 1 two-foot pipe, 2 elbows (90 degree iron elbow fitting) 2 two inch pieces with threading on both ends, and 2 pieces to mount it to the bottom of the shelf:

I sanded the piping after I put it all together and spray painted it black using Rustoleum Hammered Black paint.

Wood for shelving: (cut into 4 feet long pieces)

Iron brackets for shelving:

Gather Sign: I got our sign from Kirklands and I don’t think it is available anymore, but Kirklands still has some great options:

Cabinet: We also bought our cabinet from Kirklands. They have lots of options for cabinets:

S Hooks for coffee mugs:

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