Who Should Be our Winners?

“I have an idea”… was the simple text message between a veteran business owner and a military spouse employee. The idea was to do a “simple” giveaway to show some love for Coast Guard spouses. But the giveaway has turned our to be far from simple.

We’ve never had such a reaction to anything. Our giveaway post has gone viral. Thousands of comments, shares, likes and it just keeps growing. It was just a “simple idea” to make the struggle a little big more bearable. We wanted you to know that we are out here all over the country stationed at different military bases. We are watching the news. We know you aren't getting paid. We feel for you. The military life can be super stressful. Living away from family, deployments, single parenting, career instability- adding an empty bank account to the scenario seems like it could set some of you over the edge.

Now, we just have no idea how to pick winners. There are countless spouses to choose from. Spouses are tagging the names of everyone in their “village.” (because yes, it does take a village) Some spouses are commenting ME because they need a little something to get them through this bump in the road. Other spouses are writing long heartfelt examples of why their fellow USCG spouse is the most deserving.

The problem is we think you are all deserving. Not just now until your checking account is replenished. And your savings account exists again. And your fridge is stocked. And your gas tank is full. And everything else you all might need. You know the simple things.

But we think you are deserving every day. All day, every day. Our business was designed to show support for you. Designed so that your husbands, moms, dads, and friends can give you a pick me up.

Finally, please join our Facebook support page.


We designed it for you. A safe place to get you through the hard times and a place were you can lift others up by sharing your experiences.

So yes, below are the four winners as promised. And those four are certainly deserving and so are the countless others living the military spouse life everyday.

  1. Stephanie Plumber

  2. Melissa Tatara

  3. Larissa Johnson

  4. Tiffany Norman

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