"Crazy Cool Mugs" Fill Up the March MilSO Box

Crazy Cool Mugs are crazy, inspirational and funny! CCM owner, Nicole and her husband were active duty Army.

She says, "I began my entrepreneur journey during my husbands deployment in 2011. I was beyond bored and needed something to do. I began crafting and over the past several years we have changed and morphed into what we do now."

MilSO box lovers couldn't get enough of the "I really miss you, but I really love not shaving" mug in the March box! Each mug was personalized with the subscribers preferred branch of service.

Nicole says she and her husband are "heavily caffeinated." (and so are we at MilSO Box!) "My husband would say I like the cream and sugar aspect. I don't like the taste of coffee at all. My husband however enjoys coffee for the actual taste," jokes Nicole.

CCM have a "crazy" selection to choose from! "Caffeine Queen," "Can't Touch This," and "Exercise? I thought you said extra fries!" are a few of our favs! Nicole's favorite is "Mom turned upside down spells, WOW!" "It has an extremely sentimental meaning," she said.

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