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Top 10 T.V. Shows To Binge Watch While Your Spouse is Away

September 17, 2017

Most MilSO’s at some point in their relationship must deal with long periods of being apart. These separations can conjure up a multitude of feelings.


All spouses have their own ways of coping. One of the most common ways I’ve seen is by binge watching different television shows. After talking to numerous spouses, here are my top 10 shows for the long distance spouse.


So, grab your wine, chips, or ice cream and get cozy, because you have hours of binge worthy shows to watch. Whether you are into comedy, drama, or sitcoms, there is something on this list for you.


#1 The Mindy Project: This show came up numerous times and for good reason. The main character of the show, Mindy, is a single gynecologist living in NYC. Like any modern day woman, she tries to juggle her professional and personal life and has many relatable and funny mishaps along the way.


#2 Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: If you are into quirky comedy, this show is definitely for you. Kimmy is a naive, hilarious 29 year old. Part of the reason she’s so immature is because she’s spent most of her teen years in an underground bunker. She is completely unaware of how to act like an adult in modern society. It’s actually kind of deep though. Kimmy’s been through a lot and has some serious resilience.


#3 Orange is the New Black: Based very loosely on a true story, the show follows Piper - a white, upper middle class woman who gets busted for drug trafficking. One of the main reasons to watch this show is the incredible characters. There are so many different personalities, and each one has a fascinating back story. Plus, you can actually learn something about social justice from the show. They get into many issues ranging from Black Lives Matter to rape culture.   


#4 Once Upon A Time: The show includes all the fairy tale characters we knew and loved as kids. However, the characters are set as modern day men and women. Snow White, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, and more are all portrayed in the show. It is chock full of fantasy, fun and life lessons while delving into the rich backgrounds of our childhood idols.


#5 The Office: The show depicts the lives of people who live and work in Scranton, PA. All of the characters work for the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company. While the premise of the story sounds extremely boring, the show is anything but. The biggest draw to the show is the interaction between characters. They are all different, ranging from a doomsday prepping beet farmer to an idiotic boss with a heart of gold. 


#6 Wentworth: This is a very serious, darker version of OITNB. It is based in a violent Australian women's prison. The show itself is suspenseful and serious. It shows everything from gang beatings to murder. If violence is a problem for you, I would steer clear of this series.