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Why It's Important for MilSO's To Support Each Other and How to Make it Happen

August 29, 2017


I distinctly remember moving from my hometown in Cleveland, OH to my husband’s current duty station, Norfolk, VA.


I was a ball of emotions: scared, elated, excited. To be honest the first six months of my life here was excruciating. I had no friends and my husband was gone all the time. And the older I got the harder I found it was to make friends.


It wasn’t until I attended a military conference for MilSO entrepreneurs that my life changed. I was introduced to so many wonderful, kind, driven spouses in one weekend.


I’ve started to realize how important it is for MilSO’s to support each other in this sometimes crazy life. I can think of 100 reasons this is so important, but I won’t bore you with a list that long. Here are my top reasons and some life experiences from spouses who’ve received and given support.


Similar Life Circumstances: We all know how difficult this life can be from long separations, to moving, and starting all over. No one understands you like another MilSO. Having friends that just get it and let you vent about military life is so refreshing! One of my first friends in Norfolk was MilSO, and Life Coach, Megan Hall.


“Military spouses should support each other because no one can quite understand this life like another MilSO. This life can be lonely and difficult but with the right group of friends it can be exciting and interesting. No other place will you find such a diverse group of talented people as the MilSO community.”


Advice on getting involved: “There are a ton of military spouse groups such as Milspo Project in addition to FRG and military events. Go to a meeting or an event and introduce yourself. Make sure that before you leave you find out the best way to get in touch again. Making friends is a bit of work up front, but it’s SO worth it to have your next deployment buddy or person you can talk to that really gets it.”


If you are located in the Hampton Roads area, Megan hosts monthly meet-ups and has a Facebook community specifically dedicated to women’s support and empowerment.


Isolation can be devastating: I recently read a Slate article that said isolation may be more dangerous to our health than obesity. While, I think this may be a little dramatic it makes sense.


Our sense of community and belonging is imperative to being human. Navy Spouse, and InDependent Moderator, Kristine Gerahgty puts it best, "Life as a MilSO can be isolating, especially when civilian friends don