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7 Ways to Invest In Yourself and Why It Matters

August 16, 2017

 This month's MilSO Box theme is "MilSO Strong." It's one of my favorites because as military spouses we are required to be strong in so many different areas of our lives. 


We need to be strong mentally, emotionally, and physically to meet the demands of this life. One of the best ways to build strength and resiliency is taking time to invest in yourself. Investing in ourselves is an act of self love. We must love ourselves before we can expect others to love us.


 Taking the time to care for yourself sends an important message to the people in your life: In order to build strength and resiliency, I need to take time for myself to grow and learn. 


It's not always easy to take time out for ourselves, but when we do, it's so worth it.