Tips to Instantly Improve Your Barbecue Game This Summer

Summer has finally arrived and that means a lot us will be firing up that grill! If you are looking to improve your grilling skills keep on reading.

To get the best tips, I interviewed Executive Chef Drew Kiel, at Norfolk, Virginia's new Guy Fieri restaurant.

Christina Kimbrough:

Gas vs. Charcoal Which one is recommended and why?

Chef Drew:

Gas grilling is more recommended for an even cooking, because you have a constant temperature which will result in a more even cook. Whereas, a charcoal grill will add char to the items you are grilling and will add that char flavor. We generally recommend grilling over gas for more consistency.


What is the best temperature for the grill?


You will want your grill between 350 to 375 degrees for the best results. If you have it too hot, the fire will burn the food up before it gets hot enough to cook.


Do you recommend marinating the meat?


I personally do not recommend marinating the meat beforehand. Seasoning and marinating wise, most meats, burgers and steaks just need a little bit of salt and pepper.


Any specific types of meat? What makes a good piece of meat, and what should a consumer look for?


Something to look for in the meat is the marbling, which is the actual fat content to the actual meat content. You will see this as white lines, so if you see a lot of thin lines going through the whole meat it's a good cut. When you have this, the fat will actually render when it is cooked into the rest of the meat and will make the entire dish juicier.


Are there any common mistakes you notice novices make when first starting out? What should people avoid at all costs?


Yes, I would say often time it is overdoing the seasoning. If you over season it you might end up with a char. Also, if you add a lot of different kinds of seasoning, the seasonings are often already made with salt and can over salt the product.

Lastly, cooking at too high heat could burn the outside but keep the meat raw on the inside.


How long should you cook the meat?


This depends on what temperature you're shooting for. If you're going for a medium, you'd be looking at 6 - 8 minutes for a regular cut of meat and then from there you will typically see increments of two. For example, a medium rare from that would be 4 to 6 minutes, and rare so on.

Put those tips to the test next month! Our next box will include new items related to cooking out and barbecuing! Follow us on Facebook or Instagram to stay tuned for updates!

*Top two photos are from Free Agents Marketing.

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