Top10 Ways to Show Appreciation for Military Spouses

When someone says the word military, what image immediately comes to mind? Most people picture men and women in uniform selflessly protecting our great nation.

That image is spot on, but it’s not the full picture. Military spouses are the one’s missing.

“Military spouses are some of the most resilient, selfless, and fiercely independent people. We did not sign up for service, but by way of our service member’s duty to country we sacrifice opportunities to further our careers, educations and somehow manage to keep our households together through long separations, deployments, and challenging moves across the globe,” said Navy Milso, Kaycee Mycoy. “Taking care of military spouses is an indirect gift to the service member because when we feel loved, appreciated, and get the self-care we need, our service member can focus on the mission at hand.”

Making the decision to support military spouses is a direct way of showing your support for the troops.

There are a myriad of fun and creative ways to show support for a military spouse.

  1. As a friend of a military spouse you can make a standing “date night”. It doesn’t have to be too often, but having a planned night out of the house with a girlfriend is something fun to look forward to!

  2. Buy your friend a gift card to get a manicure or massage.

  3. Get active together. Take an exercise class.

  4. Help your friend create a deployment “bucket list”. This is a fun list of things he or she would like to accomplish before the spouse returns. Help your friend knock things off this list! Ex.

  5. Send a note of encouragement in the mail. It can be incredibly helpful to receive a handwritten letter of support.

  6. If you and your bestie aren’t in the same state, look up local places to buy her a membership to. Ex: local museums, a gym, a class, local theater.

  7. Purchase a local Groupon for her to use.

  8. Purchase a monthly subscription to a meditation app for her such as Calm, or Headspace.

  9. Make a point to check in with her to see how her self-care practice is going. Life can become so busy, spouses often forget to slow down and check in with themselves.

  10. Sign her up for a subscription box at MilSO Box will send a box of specially curated gifts monthly. Products are featured from military spouse and Veteran-owned businesses. These boxes are the perfect way to incorporate self-care into your daily life. Past items have included: MilSO owned The Mindful Engineer's LLP Essential Oil Roller for travel woes, MilSO owned Mod Bath & Body's Whipped Body Scrub, and Veteran-owned The Soap Connection USA's Custom Apple Spice Soap.

As you can see, there are a ton of ways to show support to MilSO's. Caring for our spouses empowers them to better take care of themselves and their families.

MilSO, and Mod Bath & Body business owner, Jamie Abdella knows the importance of support and self-care in our community. “Self-care is extremely important to me because I always want to be my best self. In order to love others, you have to love yourself and who you are first. Specially in a military family, being able to be strong and care for your family is a big priority. “

Have you shown support to a military spouse before? Are you a military spouse who has received support? Share your experience in the comments below.

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